About APP Oncology Summit

The Advanced Practice Providers (APP) Oncology Summit is a two-day continuing medical education conference planned with APPs, for APPs. The goal of this summit is to provide learners with a broad overview of the latest developments and important current concepts in the multidisciplinary treatment of oncology patients. We aim to foster collaboration, share best practices, and build a forum for peer-to-peer interaction among Advanced Practice Providers who are actively engaged in the care of oncology patients. The summit offers an intimate learning environment to facilitate interaction between learners and expert faculty, as well as create opportunities to discuss patient management issues and practical application in the clinic.

Our History


Oncology Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) based in Portland, Oregon, contacted Horizon CME seeking to develop an accredited educational conference to facilitate peer-to-peer interaction, foster community networking, and collaborative learning among APP learners actively engaged in the care of oncology patients. As a result, the 1st Annual APP Oncology Summit was held in Portland, Oregon, in September 2015.


Feedback following the initial Summit indicated a substantial need for oncology-based education to APPs throughout the US. Consequently, in 2016, APP Oncology Summits were held in Denver, CO, and Portland, OR.

2017 to Present

Since then, Horizon CME has collaborated with practicing clinicians in multiple regions of the US to expand the availability of local and APP-specific oncology education. We have now expanded to 22 locations and will continue to grow as new local opportunities arise in the years to come.